eBook Format Tips

Two simple tips to remember when formatting your eBook:

  1. Do not alter or re-size photos or graphics within your Word document. Avoid complication by making changes in your graphic program, THEN add it to your transcript.

  2. Do use your formatting palette in Word to set up paragraph indention settings. Stop yourself from hitting the spacebar and tab keys.

If you have ever converted documents from one version of Excel or Word to an older or newer version, you can understand how these basic instructions will make your overall formatting and conversion a success!


Internet Search Tips

We mentioned the importance of search when choosing your book title. It's also crucial in other aspects of writing. Perhaps now would be a good time to take a refresher course in the art of the search.

Southern Oregon University has a help page set up to answer questions as to whether the use of "+", "-" benefit your search and remind us that Ctrl-F makes for a better search experience. Take the time to review their helpful tips to make your searches as effective as possible.


Searching for the right title

We've heard time and again how important a title is to a book. It can become a make or break factor in some cases. Your title should be a perfect fit to your book's message. In fact, it would be wise to write down in a simple sentence or two a mission statement about your book and keep it where you can see it often. This will be a help as you surf booklists and titles in your genre to get an idea of current titles you can compare to your potential title.

The key is to make it memorable for the audience. Ask yourself if there are unique words, character names, etc. which could be used in your title. Keep a list you can add to as these come to mind. The more unique, the easier it will capture the attention of potential readers. Think back to how often you've given a book a chance based upon the title on the cover (or passed one up for the same reason).

Now you should have a few potential titles on your list. The next factor to consider is your marketing. Search your title on the web to review results. Whatever title you choose, you will be competing for that coveted top search spot everyone seeks. You may find your title has something in common with a topic or group which could interfere with people finding your book. In today's market this factor cannot be stressed enough. Search Engine Optimization is key. Don't take chances with a project you've worked so hard to launch.

Good luck finding your perfect title!